Brockhampton have been leading up to the release of their upcoming mixtape Saturation with a series of inventive visuals, but their latest video might be their most surreal to date. Complete with a David Lynch meets The Smurfs visual of Ameer Vann's head hanging out in an oven, the video is delightfully weird. Almost every frame has something unique going on, making it one of the craziest videos we've seen all year.

The song might be the strangest single to come from Saturation yet, too, with an eerie beat and verses packed with pop culture references. Fast and loose is the best way to describe the track, with each rapper swinging wildly and landing every time. Dom McLennon's verse kicks things off to a brilliant start, while Ameer Vann keeps the momentum going with his signature delivery. Kevin Abstract's verse gets cut off abruptly to preview another new song that sounds very different, featuring some gorgeous pitched-up vocals accompanied by a comparatively straight-forward, but no less engaging shot.

Saturation is shaping up to be one of the most exciting releases of the year, with each single showcasing their increasingly impressive versatility. There's plenty of quotable lines here, and the beat is straight-up hypnotizing. These kids are fucking killing it. Saturation is due next week on June 9.

Watch the video for "Star" above, and watch the first episode of Kevin and Brockhampton's new Viceland show All-American Boyband below.