Toward the end of last year, Tara Carosielli's "Leave You Lonely" was in heavy rotation and despite only having one song, she became one of our favorite newcomers in music. She seemed to be sure of herself in a way that most new artists are not—she had the vision, but she also realized very early on how to execute that vision. On her debut EP I Know You Hate Me, Tara Carosielli fleshes out that vision over four gorgeous, emotionally driven pop songs. Getting personal is difficult for any artist, but the cathartic process of creating drove Tara to get intimate, and the result is gripping.​

"I would describe the EP as dark waters, Tara explains. "I wrote it during quite a dark time so whenever I listen back to it I’m flooded with so many different moods and thoughts and emotions and I just let it all wash over me. It's literally like hearing my secrets out loud which has been fucking terrifying but learning to write honestly became so addictive. I was so transparent throughout this whole process and that was the only way for me to feel rejuvenated. I Know You Hate Me is about being free and wild and vulnerable. It’s about feeling like you’re in love but also getting your feelings hurt, its bittersweet but so is love and life."

Listen to Tara Carosielli's I Know You Hate Me below. It will be officially released tomorrow, April 28.


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