The province of Ontario is unquestionably the musical heart of Canada, but you don't often hear about many artists from Mississauga. Former actor A.J. Saudin is looking to change that with his captivating debut EP, Before I Met You. With its sleek sound, Saudin proves that Ontario is more than just Toronto. Building upon the foggy atmospherics that have come to define the province, his debut offers something fresh and familiar at the same time.

Featuring YeAli and Ottawa's Night Lovell with a brief cameo, the EP maintains a consistent mood throughout. Some tracks do take things in a more upbeat direction, but those spectral, reverb-soaked sounds refuse to let up. The lively "Sunset" contrasts with the moody "Time For Me," but they're unmistakably made by the same artist. "With You" might be the immediate highlight, but there's something to enjoy on every track here. For a debut EP, it's remarkably well-formed, presenting a complete artist with a very bright future.

Listen to the premiere of the EP in full below or here.

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