With a background in noisy punk music, Minnesota-based producer Psymun has never really stuck to just one sound. Gaining a lot of attention for his work as part of Thestand4rd alongside Corbin, Bobby Raps, and Allan Kingdom, Psymun has already proved himself a chameleon of sound. Following on from his last solo project, Pink Label, Psymun is committed to showing his evolution on his Ghostly International debut, Rainbow Party.

Louder and weirder than the work found on Thestand4rd's debut and his self-released project Pink Label, the lead single from the upcoming EP, which is due on May 5, sheds most of that hip-hop influence to deliver a wild cacophony of sound. "I Need My Boy" is a delightfully demented and strange track, and as such it's been treated to an equally as inventive and weird video directed by "Dom, Maria, and Simon." Featuring Psymun's friends, most notably producer Distance Decay as the trash-eating focus, the video plays out like Blair Witch Project as directed by Tim and Eric. It's fuzzy, but it's also pretty captivating.

Watch the premiere of the video above, and pre-order Rainbow Party here.

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