Portland is popping right now, with the likes of Aminé and The Last Artful, Dodgr getting national attention. Those digging a little deeper will soon find there's a lot more talent in the Pacific Northwest, including Myke Bogan. The rapper linked up with LIKE from Pac Div for "My Own," a laid-back track delivered over a twinkling piano-based beat.

The rapping is never over-the-top, but you get the sense both artists are having fun simply rapping, a feeling which translates to the video, shot around beautiful Mt. Hood in Oregon. Both artists have new music on the way in 2017, including a colalborative EP, while LIKE also produced "Babylon" on Joey Badass' new album, which came out today. 

Check out the "My Own" video above, and read a short interview with Myke Bogan below.

What was your vision making the video for "My Own"?

I wanted to mix a new school video with an old school feel. I wanted the good times we were having to be apparent in the video, and have the good vibes translate to camera.. Tim and I got inspiration from '90s movies, or maybe that's just what we were watching at the time.  The camp type vibes were inspired by the movie heavyweights lol.. and the zooms were inspired by Tarantino. The director Tim says that "about 90% of the shoot was Sean and I laughing between takes."

What's the energy in the Portland rap scene like at the moment? What do people outside the city not understand or get wrong about it?

The energy in Portland is incredible...this city inspires creativity everywhere you go there's some form of artistry anywhere you look. Music, street art, fashion, photography etc. People outside of Portland don't have any idea how much amazing talent is here—artists just need to do a better job of working together and pushing each other to get the recognition this city deserves.

What have you got planned for 2017?

I'm dropping a project this summer, a project with Like, a vinyl in the summer/fall, some singles, and quite a few videos. I'll be playing a lot of festivals this coming year, already have quite a few confirmed as of now. Ill also be touring a bit, I have a few shows at the end of April right now and that's kind of been my focus this month. 

Myke Bogan Tour dates:

April 15th - San Fransisco, CA @ Secret So Far Sound Show
April 20th - Vancouver, Canada @ The Rickshaw Theater
April 21st - Seattle,WA @ The W (All Ages Early Show)
April 21st - Seattle, WA @ The Central Saloon (21+ Late Show)
April 25th - Portland State University @ SMSU 101

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