After quite an impressive breakout year in 2016, Lil Yachty has been spending the majority of 2017 working on his forthcoming debut album Teenage Emotions while managing to secure major deals with brands like Target and Nautica. Although a release date for his forthcoming album has not yet been set, Yachty offered a preview of what's to come with two new singles: "Harley" and "Peek A Boo" featuring Migos.

On the latest episode of Snoop Dogg's web-series GGN News, Lil Yachty took time to discuss the theme of his album. While explaining the concept of his upcoming debut, Yachty said he wants to "capture all aspects of teenagers and what they go through—turnt, heartbreak, happiness, sadness." Continuing by saying that Teenage Emotions will not be a "one lane" album and that fans can expect it to be "all over the place." 

During their interview, Lil Yachty also discussed how Nautica wound up approaching him about being a creative director. Snoop told Yachty how he also started his career when he was only 19 years old—sharing advice that the key to a long career is letting haters fuel you rather than discourage you, and staying true to your style instead of giving into trends.

Watch the full episode above.

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