At the end of 2016, Long Beach-based producer Zikomo impressed the masses with his unique take on Childish Gambino’s track “Terrified” by transforming the menacing original into a energetic, danceable record. The following month, he kicked off the new year with another bouncy remix—inviting listeners to the dance floor yet again with a new flip of Soul II Soul’s 1989 classic “Back To Life.”

Today the rising producer returns with a brand new remix of The Weeknd and Daft Punk’s hit single “I Feel It Coming.” The original version is a standout from The Weeknd’s Starboy album, and already features a steady rhythm that listeners can two-step to. But Zikomo seems to be on a strict mission to make sure everyone breaks a sweat on the dance floor. 

For his rendition, Zikomo chops up the original single to make room for a refreshing dance break—injecting the hit single with a new burst of energy. "I was working on music and randomly thought it'd be cool to just flip this and put my own spin on it," Zikomo explains. "It's my favorite song off the album. I took the part of the song that I liked the most, sped up the tempo, chopped up the the vocals and added my own groove to it—and created fire."

Listen to Zikomo’s remix and the original below.