As of one of the handful of producers responsible for shaping Yung Lean's distinct sound, Yung Sherman doesn't get talked about nearly as often as he deserves to be. Providing production for most of Warlord, Sherman's sound differs greatly from Leandoer's other go-to producer Gud (formerly Yung Gud), in that his music tends to glide while Gud's thumps. On his debut EP, Sherman is now proving why he's every bit as good on his own as he is sculpting soundscapes for Yung Lean.

Innocence is the first substantial solo release from Sherman, and it's a stellar collection of ghostly productions that sound as futuristic as they do nostalgic. Citing early EDM, mid '00s southern rap, and ethereal eurodance music, Sherman has been crafting the EP for three years on and off. The production here sounds a lot bigger than anything we've heard from him before, experimenting with bolder sounds than what's come before.

Listen to the gorgeous EP in full below.