Over the last several months, Brooklyn artist SAINt JHN has been building his audience with consistent, impressive singles. As he prepares for the release of his debut album Collection 1 later this spring, SAINt JHN returns today with another new track. His latest single "3 Below" is a hard-hitting record with a booming bassline produced by f a l l e n.

For his new single, SAINt JHN justifies his cold mannerisms by saying that he's not "trying to be nobody's hero." With a self-proclaimed frigid heart, he simply does whatever he wants and that's exactly how his latest single came together. "I was high-key just thinking out loud. My life is a constant juxtaposition, always mixing highs and lows," SAINt JHN explains. “I'm literally the nigga on the steps drinking a quarter water wearing Saint Laurent boots. I guess it just turned into a song."

Sitting "3 Below" on top of his previous releases like "Roses," "Reflex," and "1999," it's safe to say SAINt JHN's forthcoming debut album will be worth the wait for his fans.

Take a listen to "3 Below."