LA producer Promnite first appeared on P&P with his powerful single "Gunsmoke" featuring a ton of our favorite rising artists. The record touched on the "kill or be killed" mentality of many cities today and the problems a lot of those cities face with the justice system. 

This time Promnite is here with his new EP Snake Charmer. In his own words, the producer describes the project as, "a narrative of emotion. To me, it marks of a specific time and place in my life and how I felt about certain situations. All four tracks are a bit less of what I've been known for which is either club music or beats, but more it flows more like a conscious canvas put together by the features on the record." Songs like "Gunsmoke" may hit close to home while others like "Cruise'n USA" may make you want to jump up and have fun.  

Check out the EP in full below and keep scrolling for the detailed breakdown of each track.



I think "Gunsmoke" just comes from the frustrations of being a POC in America. I was able to lock in C9 Members Denzel Curry, Twelve'Len, Nell & JK The Reaper on this one who fit the song perfectly with there intensity and like mindedness on the issue


 "Ride Around"

"Ride Around" is kinda my bay area function type slap. Adam Vida is a master of making any song fun and still real as hell. He's been one of my fav rappers for a long time and really locked me in on his hit "I'm Juiced", also a bay area don so it all made sense to work with him on the record.


"Call Me"

 "Call Me" is probably one of my favorite songs on the project. I wanted to make something a bit more low key with a house vibe because I believe thats where my roots stem from. I linked with Mark Johns on this because her voice was exactly what i was looking for. She has a unique sound that makes her songs fun and retains a level of depth like no other.


"Cruise'n USA"

"Cruise'n USA" was probably the most fun song to make out of all 4 of the tracks. LaDonnis and I sat together for about 2 hours and came up with the beat, lyrics, concept... virtually everything was the quickest I've ever put together a track. LaDonnis is a master at word play and just has bars for days. 



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