Over the past two years, Netherlands-based duo Klyne have found a nice lane for themselves as they continued to deliver bubbly, electronic pop records. Regardless if the singles are a slower pace or more upbeat, the tying theme for producer Ferdous Dehzad and singer Nick Klein seems to always be records with an addictive bounce.

Earlier this year, Klyne shared their Water Flow EP. Today they return with a brand new single titled “Still Not Over You.” In most cases of songs about a broken heart, one would expect to hear rather somber music that mirrors the pain of the writer. However, Klyne decided to take an alternate route. 

Instead of dwelling on their hurt, they reflect on those painful emotions and try to create an upbeat atmosphere that’ll pick anyone up when they’re feeling down.  “It’s a heartbreak song but not so depressing that it makes you want to cry,” Klyne explains. “Although the lyrics are 100% desperate, we’re just trying to keep it playful—so there’s a lot more energy in it compared to our previous tracks.”

Listen to “Still Not Over You” below or here.

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