We've been hearing more and more young rappers blending heavy rock elements into their music, and today we're highlighting one who's doing it well. His name is Kamiyada, and "Restraints" is a good starting point. If you think the beginning is intense, just wait until the 42-second mark. 

DMV rapper Kamiyada cites artists like Earl Sweatshirt, MF DOOM, and Bones as influences, but he's also inspired by Nirvana, Slipknot, and Tool. "A lot of my music is personally influenced heavily by horrorcore, punk rock, and heavy metal music," he tells us. "The tone of the music varies from really serious film score-type tracks that have really dark lyrics accompanied by ambient instrumentals, to hard-hitting heavy metal-patterned production topped off by hardcore vocals, screams, and more."

Kamiyada and another like-minded artist, The Virus & Antidote, started a collective called The Midnight Society and have grown their team to 17 artists spread out across the U.S., aside from Virus who lives in the U.K. They started off with a few hundred followers combined, but now Kamiyada alone has tens of thousands of plays on everything he releases on SoundCloud. Check out a couple of his other tracks below, and look out for him and his collective at SXSW.

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