Amsterdam's Jarreau Vandal understands how to construct an infectious groove—a hallmark of his inclusion in the growing ranks of Soulection, but not a limiting factor in defining his style.

"At the beginning I only made music because I felt some energy that needed to get out," Vandal says, loosely encapsulating a feeling likely familiar to many "Soundcloud" producers whose music garners the label "vibey," whether deservedly or not. For many in the Soulection generation, tracks are meant to build and maintain mood rather than adhere to satisfying or complex structure.

"It didn't matter what I made even if it was a 30 second loop of something I loved," continues Vandal. "Next to releasing this energy through music, I definitely added more structure and depth to my music. I'm in a phase right now where I'm learning to make real songs out of ideas, so that this feeling I have can be translated into something that everybody can relate too."

For a producer whose influences include Chic Corea, MNDSGN, Anderson Paak, Azymuth, Stevie Wonder, and Unknown Mortal Orchestra—among others—and who came out of Amsterdam's vibrant techno scene, clear restrictions and distinctions make little sense. New single "Someone That You Love," featuring singer Olivia, polishes future bounce's predilections for soulful chords, big vocals, and infectious drums into something that could easily be considered pop—it isn't impossible to imagine Ariana Grande singing something like this (particularly considering she's already done her best Mura Masa cover).

"I love soulful, jazzy and warm music," says Vandal. "I grew up with it. Though there are too many directions I'm interested in to stick to one particular sound."

Listen to "Someone That You Love" below.