After releasing two awesome albums, Blank Body is back with another fantastic release. Isolator comes in at 20 minutes across four tracks, providing the most succinct display of Blank Body's distinct talents to date. With a sound that would be right at home on legendary electronic label Warp Records, Isolator sees Blank Body diving deeper into the IDM flirtations of his previous output to dazzling effect.

Somewhere between beat music and more experimental electronic music, Blank Body proves once again why he's one of the most inventive and unique producers working today. It's definitely quite a bit different from his work with Night Lovell, but it maintains the same character no less. The lengthy "Club Alien" is an immediate highlight, providing something both gorgeous and intimidating at the same time. From its ambient start to the propulsive finish, "Club Alien" is easily one of the best electronic tracks of the year so far. The rest of the EP is excellent, too.

Listen to the full EP below.