The Internet's Steve Lacy has really blossomed as of late, releasing a stunning solo single "Some" late last year. Now he's back with another single, "Dark Red," offering another taste of his forthcoming solo project Steve Lacy's Demo. Calling the upcoming release a "song series," Steve Lacy's Demo is out this Friday (February 24). "Dark Red" is a lovely indication of Lacy's instantly enjoyable songwriting, promising a lot from the anticipated project.

With its punchy production and addictive hook, "Dark Red" is a perfect follow-up to the beautiful "Some." It's a little more on the pop-hook side of things, but what Lacy proves here is that he's just as capable in this mode as he is in the sleepy romanticism of "Some." Listen to "Dark Red" below and look out for Steve Lacy's Demo later this week.