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I suppose until seeing the name of Virginia rap duo RoeShamBeaux, I'd never thought to look up the "proper" spelling of the titular noun.

For fans of South Park, "roshambo" (one potential spelling) will ring true in Urban Dictionary's spelling and definition ("a game; to kick each other in the balls over an object, last one standing wins"). For the PG audience members among us, this spelling also refers to rock, paper, scissors—each of its three syllables ("ro," "sham," and "bo") corresponding to the games respective weapons and used to to synchronize timing in place of the words for the objects themselves. Rochambeau (also and more exhaustingly known as "Jean-Baptiste Donatien de Vimeur, comte de Rochambeau," for those assholes among us like this author that survived eight years of French and a few years of European history) was a French noblemen influential in America's battle to win its independence from Great Britain in the late 1700s.

Read all you'd like into RoeShamBeaux's name (or not at all), but if their rowdy, slacker-chic video for triumphantly un-p.c. single "Jetta Whippin" is any indication, the spirit of their moniker likely has more to do with ball-kicking than anything else. Rapper Jay The Homie and producer Mikey Sol mix the triumphant and the blissfully ignorant on "Jetta Whippin," the sort of song that turns packed crowds into powder kegs—regal horns and booming bass as a back drop for drunken raucous. The video, directed by Richy Guzman, pairs perfectly with its musical inspiration, beer-fueled parking lot mayhem and a bit of good, old-fashioned baseball bat demolition. Watch it above.

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