Having made his name as a producerRagz Originale is proving himself to be an all round artist, rapping, singing, making his own beats, and delivering high level videos like this one, for "En Route."

It's easy to fall into cliché when making a rap video, but Ragz and director Taz Tron Delix avoid all that with a fast-paced, psychedelic offering that packs a succession of vivid images into its sub-three minute run time. Part acid trip, part moving tableau, the "En Route" video is a great reminder that you don't need a huge budget to win in 2017—creative editing and shooting is much more important.

“I wanted to paint an alternative picture of the London lifestyle," Ragz explains. "I make all my music in colours, down to every synthesizer and bass line, and as crazy as it sounds, this video is the movie to my conscience. It was directed by Taz Tron Delix, who me and the Mini Kingz regularly collaborate with. He's just as unorthodox as me, no games were played on set!"

Watch the video above.



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