The Stockholm-based Busu really left an impact with his last single of 2016, "116 Rip." Providing a distinct mix of joyful indie pop and rap music, the track showcased Busu's immense potential. Thankfully, he's lived up to the promise of the track with his latest release, "I've Been Coughing Blood." Given a slick video treatment similar to the car-focused visual of "116 Rip" but a little darker in tone and aesthetic, "I've Been Coughing Blood" is a another winner for the rising Swedish artist. The video was made by Natan Gull, with camera work from Nemo Stocklassa Hinders. Production on the track was by Teo Sweden, and the video stars DJ Haydn.

Despite the lyrical content, "I've Been Coughing Blood" is just as infectious as "116 Rip." What the track does differently, however, is the reversal of its structure. The chorus is all stripped-back, whereas the verses are a little busier, providing a contrast to his previous single. What this does prove, however, is that Busu is just as talented as he initially let on. The video is just as polished and sleek as the track itself, offering another example of Busu's fantastic sense of design and feel.

Watch the premiere of the video above.