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Singer and multi-instrumentalist Ariadne Loinsworth, aka Ary, has been creating a buzz for herself back home in Norway in the past couple of years. After finding success early on in her home country, Ary is now ready to make her name known to international audiences. 

Today, the 23-year-old makes an impactful impression with her latest single “Childhood Dreams.” When we were little kids, it was impossible to contain the hopes and dreams we had for ourselves. However, as we get a bit older those dreams can seem to dwindle if we don’t hold onto them. For her new single, Ary taps into these nostalgic, innocent feelings.

“'Childhood Dreams' was written at a time in my life when everything was very new to me,” Ary explains. “I had just signed with my record label and started working through my demos. At the time I realized how much work I would have to do to make my dreams become my reality. After the song was finished I listened to it and heard the story of how I used to feel. I was experimenting with a lot of sounds and expressions at the time, and without knowing it, I had described my state of mind. I heard myself let go of former connections and take a deep dive into my career and realizing what it takes to reach my full potential. I found it terrifying to do my best, in case that wasn’t good enough. I still do.”

Ary creates a world on her new single that feels as optimistically upbeat as those childhood dreams she sings of. Regardless if you’ve still got that hopeful spunk or feel the need to get inspired once again, “Childhood Dreams” is that feel-good track that will get you going.

Listen to “Childhood Dreams” below.

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