It's been a while since we last heard from Corbin, the artist formerly known as Spooky Black. Having released his collaborative project with Bobby Raps, Couch Potato, over a year and a half ago, Corbin has returned today with the ethereal "Destrooy." Quietly uploaded to SoundCloud with no mention of the track on his Facebook or Twitter, "Destrooy" is a somber affair and his most ambient release to date.

While it might not be what a lot of his fans have been hoping for, it is a remarkably pretty track. Considering the track is possibly a prelude to further material to come, "Destrooy" is a lot more exciting than it might initially seem. The reverb-soaked track shouldn't be ignored, however, highlighting once again that Corbin is just as adapt at crafting gorgeous ambient soundscapes as he is subversive emotional bangers. It remains to be seen if this is from a forthcoming project or not, but considering how long it's been, it would appear that Corbin has definitely been up to something regardless.

Corbin has been known in the past to upload more experimental tracks only to remove them later, but here's hoping he keeps this one up for good. Fortunately, Corbin has offered a free download of the track via SoundCloud for those looking to preserve the track if something were to happen to it. Corbin made a rare live appearance last August to debut a new Shlohmo-produced song. Listen to "Destrooy" below.