Last week's Monday Night Football game was thoroughly depressing. My sweet, stupid Philadelphia Eagles continued to flounder, handing Green Bay a win on the road through a ceaseless stream of unnecessary penalties and turnovers. 

The only moment of respite came during halftime, when this Autotrader commercial came on with the perfect uplifting soundtrack. As part of the What’s That Song? series, it’s only right that we highlight this one.

The commercial: 

It's called "Concert," and features a couple of good-looking millennials making their separate ways to a concert. But watch out! That's not as easy as it sounds, not when your dick boyfriend gets pulled over by the cops and keeps cranking the AC. Or when you're stuck in the backseat of a packed car and all you want is to rent an SUV and get Joey's armpits out of your nasal vicinity. Luckily, the two find each other after ditching their shitty car-mates and sneak backstage like the airbrushed punks they are.

The song: sjowgren - "seventeen"

We've loved this song since it came out in 2015, and it still hits. That hook is undeniable, so the question isn't really how sjowgren got this placement—it's what they're doing now. The group was noticeably silent in 2016, and even though "seventeen" has continued to spread, we're ready for new music. 

Image via sjowgren