Reo Cragun's story to where he is today is one that you just can't make up. Raised in Vancouver, Washington, by two single mothers (his own mother and his aunt), he excelled in academics and earned a scholarship to pursue a degree in Biology in the hopes of becoming a doctor. He had always faced adversity growing up, first with his father being incarcerated up until his high school and then when unforeseen circumstances lead to Reo having to drop out of college.

One thing that has always manages to stay constant in Reo Cragun's life is music. Throughout his life he honed his musicianship that began early in his youth, picking up a new instrument to learn every year since the second grade until he could play violin, trumpet, guitar, piano, and more. 

After dropping out, it was music again that realigned his life when he ran into his eventual manager Dee through a coworker while working at a local Costco. 

“You’re moving to LA,” is all Dee told him. “You’ll be a star.”

Today, Reo is in LA and has been making the some of the best music of his life including the single "Inconsiderate" that he is here to share with us today. The track is a heavy-lidded alternative R&B track about the strife his dedication to music has introduced to his relationship. He takes all of his frustrations and puts it into somber lyrics over head-nodding drums.

Stream "Inconsiderate" below.