Blänk are a trio who are spread far and wide, and it's reflected in their music. Vocalist Lina and producer Klas are based in Sapmi, a remote polar region of Sweden, while the other vocalist Simon now resides in Atlanta. "This Journey," premiering below, mixes the icy pop that Scandinavian artists do so well with the type of melodic rap/R&B verses that are so popular in 2016, but the results never sound forced.

At the heart of the song is a sweeping, memorable hook that hits brilliantly over pounding drums, but although there is a message of hope, the song also has a darkness that is never quite shaken off.

"This is not a song about the road back to normalcy after crashing and burning," Blänk​ explains. "This is a song about having crashed and burned so many times one has learned to love the process of living through these necessary yet painful moments in life. ‘This Journey' is about appreciating the beautiful and flawed person that one has grown into through years of struggle and self work. The song touches on self-destruction, angst, hope, and finally acceptance."

Blänk's third album Weary Soul is on the way. Listen to "This Journey" below.

Image via Albin Holmqvist

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