Last week, London-based violinist Daj Jordan quietly uploaded a short cover of Rae Sremmurd's buzzing "Black Beatles" single—and the response was immediate. By the end of the day, a few well-timed Twitter jokes and social media reposts had pushed collective view counts into the millions.

"I've had responses like 'Marry me NOW' all the way to more scary ones like 'I want this played when I'm being buried,'" Jordan tells us.

But, the most common reaction has been fans wanting to see a longer, full version of the original snippet. So, we tracked Jordan down and are happy to premiere the full-length video—which you can see above.

Continue for some background on the talented violinist as well as highlights from his large stash of amazing covers.

What's your musical background?

I'm classically trained. My primary school was giving free lessons and I demanded my mum to push me into the class. I actually wanted to play the cello but there wasn't any space left in the classes.

Before the hip-hop covers, did you do anything else musically?

I was a session musician. I used to do studio work with producers, laying violins on their tracks. I also did the odd standing behind artists on TV, too.

What made you decide to start doing these covers?

First, because I just wanted to, but also because I wanted to push the violin as a solo instrument to the forefront! I think hip hop and violin or any genre of popular music go well together cause the violin is like a vocal, just in instrument form.

You've covered Rae Sremmurd multiple times now. What is it about their music that you're attracted to?

If I'm honest, I'm just a fan of their music. I just think they are really unique and their music gets me hyped.

The "Black Beatles" snippet video got lots of attention on social media right away. What are some of the craziest responses you've received so far?

I didn't expect that short snippet of "Black Beatles" to get such a reaction. I've had responses like "Marry me NOW" all the way to more scary ones like "I want this played when I'm being buried."

Do you make original music, too?

Yes, when it comes to original music, I've got a whole lot coming. I'm actually working on two EPs. One is upbeat and hip-hop/experimental and I've also got a classical, chilled soundtrack-like EP for folks who want to chill out to my music.

Watch some of our favorite covers from his Instagram page below and if you're in the London area, you can see him in the flesh at his headlining show at the iconic Jazz Café on January 29.

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