Lil Wayne's been catching a lot of flak for his comments on Nightline earlier this week. When asked on the show to qualify earlier statements of his that the Black Lives Matter movement was 'not worth his time,' Wayne doubled down, saying "my life matter." Following the subsequent outcry over his interview, Wayne apologized and fired his publicist—but the fallout continues.

Wayne's latest detractor is T.I., who addressed Wayne directly in the lengthy Instragram post above, asking how he could possibly explain Wayne's comments to his kids.

"I don't know what you goin thru,or what you are attempting to avoid but this shit is absolutely unacceptable!!!!" wrote T.I.. "Bro if you don't stand for something out here,all the money,jewelry,cars,mansions bandannas & hit records don't mean sh*t!!!! Our people are being oppressed!!! We are being hunted,captured & slaughtered out here daily!!! You have to get outta that bubble that you've been living in & get out here & educate yourself on what's going on around US!!! I'm always here to share whatever knowledge or understanding I may have to assist your growth & development,but u MUST STOP this buffoonery & coonin' you out here doin."

T.I. has remained a prominent voice in speaking out against police brutality, and released the topical song "We Will Not" in August to address the problem firsthand.

Revisit Wayne's Nightline interview below.

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