You should know Ragz Originale as a producer—he's the man behind Skepta's huge "Shutdown" after all—but this year he's proving he can rap too. Ragz popped up with vocals on Oscar #worldpeace's "Alright," which he also produced, but on "En Route" he's doing it all himself. From the soaring choir to the funky bassline, there's a lot of ambition packed into two-and-a-half minutes, and the track serves as proof that when you can produce and rap, everything can be perfectly in sync.​

"En Route" is clearly a personal track, and Ragz Originale explains, "Over the last two years I've had more ups than downs. A lot of things changed around me. 'En Route' is a true story about me battling with my conscience. I reflect on how things could have been without music in my life and anyone who knows me knows I'm an overthinker.”

Check out "En Route" below and look out for more from Ragz Originale and his Mini Kingz crew of Oscar #worldpeace, Bxrber, Cartae, and Epxcs in 2017.