Over the weekend, Atlanta rapper OG Maco released his sixth project of the year with For Scott, and EP dedicated to Kid Cudi. His near-fatal car crash earlier this year hasn't slowed his output one bit, continuing to release project after project. He's yet to release his long in the works debut album Children of the Rage, but he's been eager to keep his fans happy with a copious amount of output.

Kid Cudi, who performed one hell of a set at ComplexCon this past weekend, checked himself into rehab last month for depression. His deeply personal letter has prompted an outpouring of love from fans and musicians alike, and OG Maco is the latest to pay tribute. Before releasing For Scott, OG Maco said of the release on Twitter, "I made For Scott because Kid Cudi helped me become the man I am." He continued, saying, "For the man on the moon who taught us all not to give a fuck. Fight on. Dream On."

The release contains no features, but does include production from the likes of Montage, Taokescheap, Hassan Khaffaf, and more. Kid Cudi has evidently had a big impact on OG Maco as an artist, and For Scott is proof of that.

Listen to For Scott below.

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