Recently we interviewed Stockholm's Busu, highlighting the Stockholm-based artist and what makes him one to watch. Europagang, Busu's self-proclaimed "post-rap-boyband," also features Yemi, and as it turns out he's just as talented and interesting as Busu is. Initially releasing his music in Swedish, Yemi has released his new single "Holla @ Me" in English, and like Busu's "116 RIP," it's immaculately produced by Haydn.

Boldly evolving the sounds he previously explored not too long ago on his Gud-assisted debut album Neostockholm​, "Holla @ Me" streamlines his sound without compromising what made him interesting to begin with. With the language barrier removed, it's easier to appreciate Yemi's unique approach. Atop the unique and constantly evolving production, Yemi proves he's just as interesting in English as he is in Swedish.

Listen to "Holla @ Me" below, and check out the video for the bombastic "Fenix" below that.