Swedish singer Bishat worked at Universal Music for two years before quitting to focus on her own music, and if "Told Me" is any indication, she made the right move. The song starts off strong, but that irresistible drop at the 53-second mark takes this one to the next level. She wrote the song on her own and co-produced it with Sebastian Atas, and it's a promising follow-up to her last track "Mine," which has already racked up tens of thousands of plays on SoundCloud.

"I feel like sometimes we treat relationships like we treat things nowadays," Bishat says of the song. "We live in extremely throwaway times and we don't put a lot of actual time, work and effort into our interactions, or even what we truly want to do with our lives. We're always distracted, always wanting to be everywhere and do everything, and then we are surprised when things don't work out."

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