A few months ago, The Cool Kids announced their hiatus was over and they would be getting back together. Now, in a sprawling two hour interview on the No Jumper podcast, Chuck Inglish and Sir Michael Rocks sat down to explain why they broke up and shared some information about their next project.

Explaining that the decision to part ways was purely based on the music industry sucking the fun out of the collaboration and not because of any rift between the two personally, Inglish said, "The business situation was fucked from the jump, we just ran out of energy to deal with the shit." He continued, "It wasn't fun (anymore). If you enjoy making music with someone and then something is not fun but it ain't him and it ain't me, it's obviously something else."

After running through their humble beginnings, praising Lil B's genius, and reminiscing about blowing all their money on clothes in school, they continued to explain that they walked away in defiance of someone who had wronged them with an unfair deal.

"It wasn't about the label. It was about what the paperwork said as far as us not giving them another option because we didn't believe it," Inglish explained. "We checked our paperwork and it was fucked. We believed in someone we trusted, then the motherfucker pulled some shit on us. So it was like, let's stand our ground... I'm not about to give your bitch ass an album, I'm trying to fight you."

Now that they're back together, Inglish hinted at what the new material is sounding like, saying: "I'm not going to lie to you, it's probably some of the hardest shit we've ever done. It's scary, low key. It shows you how much we probably missed working with each other. But we know each other's ways now."

Then, right before the two hour mark, Inglish revealed their next album title for the first time: Special Edition Grand Master Deluxe. Fans of the duo may recognize the title as a rumored project back in 2010, but this version looks to feature all new material. We can't wait. Watch the full interview in full above.