"Baby this is just the beginning, it's preseason / I know you can tell I got it though."

SAINt JHN is still in the early stages of his career as an artist, but he's already got the charisma of a star, and he exhibits that convincingly on his new song "Reflex." Having charisma is only half the battle, though—the Brooklyn-based singer/rapper is also an excellent songwriter. It seems like something that comes naturally, and he's been harnessing it extremely effectively as of late.

"Reflex" matches the dark intensity of his last single, "Roses," and continues down the path of well structured songs with complex melodies. Melody is pervasive in the current hip-hop soundscape, but SAINt JHN's songs are not dependent on repetitive, catchy, three-note half rapped flows—he is crafting what could be full-blown pop songs, only they're slowed down and filtered through a moody, dark lens. It's a formula that works well, and if SAINt JHN can keep it up, he's well on his way to big things.

Listen to "Reflex" below.