It hasn't been long since Thom Yorke got off a world tour in support of Radiohead's latest album, A Moon Shaped Pool, but from the sounds of things he's keeping himself busy. Sitting down with Benji B to co-host a three-hour radio show on BBC Radio 1, the Radiohead frontman shared a lot of interesting information as well as some previously unreleased music in the form of a remix of MF Doom's "Gazzillion Ear."

During the lengthy show, he spoke with Benji about how he'd been working on more new material with Four Tet and Burial, who he previously worked with on a collaborative 12" vinyl back in 2011. “I'm hoping to do it again soon. I did another thing, and the vocal was ‘too dark,’" he told Benji. “Which for me is like ‘Really, too dark? Even for me? OK.’”

Yorke and Benji played songs for each other during the show, and Yorke was particularly a fan of Vince Staples' James Blake-produced track "War Ready." Yorke played tracks by Scott Walker, Death Grips, Shabazz Palaces, and J Dilla among others during the show. He also took the time during the show to discuss future Radiohead shows, saying that he'll be heading out on tour with the band next year, too.

Listen to the full show here, with Thom Yorke's MF Doom remix at 2:37:00.