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Fans able to attend Coachell this past spring may have been lucky enough to have the first listen of Lido's new album Everything as he debut it in its entirety during the festival, but others who weren't in attendance have been waiting for a follow up single to "Crazy" for months now. Last week Lido finally returned with trippy visuals for his second single "Murder," and now he's back with more.

As the October 7 release date for Everything draws closer, Lido shares the third single from the album—a track titled "Dye." Lido delivers an upbeat love song about being completely enamored with someone. "Dye is about being so in love with someone that you think they are perfect and don't want to change a single thing about them," he explains. "I wrote the song when I was around 16 years old and it found its perfect place in this album."

Listen to "Dye" below, and view the full tracklist for Everything beneath it.

1. Catharsis
2. Murder
3. Dye
4. So Cold
5. Crazy
6. Falling Down
7. Citi Bike
8. Only One
9. You Lost Your Keys
10. Angel
11. Tell Me How To Feel

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