In the last few weeks, NFL player Colin Kaepernick has received both criticism and praise for his decision to not stand for the national anthem before each game. Kaepernick explained this notion was his way to bring attention to the injustices that continue to go on within this country, and that this was his way of brining the discussion to the table.

While the football player has received support from many other athletes, musicians, fans, and more, he has seen just as much backlash in return. During a recent concert at Boston's Fenway Park, Kid Rock took a moment to voice his opinions on Kaepernick and the current controversy.

While performing his single "Born Free," Kid Rock stopped in the middle of the performance (0:50) to shout "Fuck Colin Kaepernick" to the crowd. And as one would probably expect, fans going to a Kid Rock concert were ready to agree and cheer along to the comments that he made.

Watch the fan footage below.

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