P&P favorites Jay IDK, Saba, Michael Christmas, and Jimi Tents all together on the same track? Yes, please. Bringing the cities of DC, Chicago, Boston, and New York​ together, the collaborative cut from Jay IDK's forthcoming ​The Empty Bank mixtape compares the financial perceptions and realities of being a rapper.

"'My Wallet' is about me realizing how people start to look at me when the notice I have an expensive wallet," Jay IDK explains to Noisey. "Women go crazy, because they think I have money. Friends and family become lazy and rely on me for the same reasons, and at the end of the day, it seems to make more sense to just have a black wallet without a logo."

Listen to the track (produced by Phil Jackson of The Watcherz) below while you wait for the mixtape to drop on September 9.