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British duo HONNE decided that their song "FHKD" could use an extra voice, so they called on Danish singer Kill J for a striking new version. HONNE's driving production is distinctively clean and elegant, and Kill J's quivering voice matches the surroundings with control and an understated ferocity.

"'FHKD' is one of our favourite tracks on the album," says HONNE in a statement via email. "We always thought it would be good to get a feature on it. Kill J's voice is so unique and interesting and we felt it was the perfect match for what is one of our more electronic/dance orientated tracks. She's added a really fresh flavor to this track."
"I am a big fan of HONNE, and I thought the original lyrics were so beautiful and pure," Kill J explains. "But I'm naturally attracted to the more toxic aspects of life. So I thought the story needed a splash of cynicism."

Listen to the premiere of "FHKD" below, and check out HONNE's full album Warm On A Cold Night here.

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