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If you're looking for a song to soundtrack your next slow-motion lap around a smoky 80s-themed skating rink, Danish trio CHINAH's new single "Can't Remember How It Feels" might be for you. After grounding the track in its opening seconds with the solid thwack of a kick drum, they ride Fine Glindvad's soaring vocals to the clouds—achieving a blissful balance of weighty percussion with luxurious, airy synths.

Lyrically, the otherwise euphoric track tells a different story, however. "The song is about being out of touch with your feelings,” they explain. “With age comes the realization that most things have an ending, and the song is written in that ‘realist’ state of mind where you seem to have forgotten the childish fantasy of romantic love as invincible and ever-lasting. Relationships end, friendships change over time, and ideas of life you thought would stick to your mind suddenly seem pointless and vague. This realization hits you transiently, but when it happens it feels really intense.”​

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