The enigmatic Aaron Cartier caught our attention with the hilarious and strangely addictive "Pianoman," produced by fellow St. Louis native Dylan Brady. Showcasing his unique approach to rapping and his fantastic ear for beats, "Pianoman" and "Ballin" acted as a brilliant introduction to Cartier's bizarre world. Now his first full-length project has arrived, and it's full of just as much energy as one would expect from his previous material.

Featuring appearances from Ro Ransom, Nessly, Night Lovell, and Dylan Brady among others, The Cartier is stacked with talent. Atop production provided by Dylan, Ryanjacob, and 16 yr old as well as a number of self-produced beats, Cartier weaves and swerves all over the place in a drunken but joyous stupor. Each contributor on the mixtape matches his energy, but there's not a sense than any of the guests are there to overshadow his presence.

It's not exactly one of the most immediate rap releases 2016 has given us, but it's definitely one of the most distinct. Sitting at a brisk 34 minutes, The Cartier doesn't overstay its welcome. The project makes excellent use of its time, right up until the low-key finale "Everything OK," which features a surprisingly subdued Night Lovell and an extended instrumental outro courtesy of Dylan Brady.

​Listen to the premiere of The Cartier below, and buy it here.

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