Last month, after having to deal with a serious lawsuit against the fashion brand Burberry over his name, Burberry Perry announced that he would be changing his name to TheGoodPerry. Even after Lil Yachty took the blame for naming his friend after the high-end brand—pleading that they should sue him instead of Perry—it appeared that there was no chance Perry would win this case.

Burberry initially sue the young rapper for using their name, as well as their famous plaid pattern and their equestrian knight logo,claiming that it was "damaging" their brand. Now TMZ is reporting that the judge has officially ordered Perry to drop the brand's name—at least, for now while the lawsuit is still on-going. 

His Twitter, Instagram, and SoundCloud pages have all now changed to the name TheGoodPerry. However it's not that simple. Since the judge ordered a preliminary injunction, aside from removing the name Burberry from all of his social media accounts, Perry will also have to remove all references to the brand from all of his previous songs. 

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