When Frank Ocean's long-awaited Blonde finally arrived last week, it showed up via iTunes for purchase and Apple Music for streaming. Like his visual album Endless before it, Blonde seemed as if it was poised to be an Apple Music exclusive for the foreseeable future. Now with the legalities of the independent nature of the release in question and Universal's general upset with the situation, the album has arrived on another streaming service. 

Appearing on Pandora today, the album looks as if it will be appearing on other services in the near future. The album is still only available to purchase digitally via iTunes, but hopefully that will change shortly, too. The only way to get the album physically remains the Boys Don't Cry zine, which included a slightly different version of the album on the disc included. It is yet unknown if the album will be available in stores, but Frank Ocean's mom tweeted that those willing to pay outlandish prices to get ahold of Boys Don't Cry, should sit tight.

It remains to be seen whether Endless will be available outside of Apple Music anytime soon, but considering it's still only officially available as one long video, it seems unlikely at the current time. 

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