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Almost exactly three years ago, BANKS linked up with SOHN for the standout single “Waiting Game” from her debut album, Goddess. Now, as she prepares for the September 30 release of the follow-up, Altar, the two find themselves together again on “Gemini Feed”—but some things have changed.

“This album for me is a metamorphosis of me coming into my own,” she explained to Annie Mac on BBC Radio 1 today. “I feel more empowered than ever. I feel like I want to take up space. I think in my past I’ve maybe wanted to hide a little bit and wanted to not take up very much space. And this album is me solidly standing on pavement and taking up space.”

That added confidence shines through brightly on “Gemini Feed” as her vocals jump to the front of the track. Where she once drifted to the background on the ethereal “Waiting Game,” BANKS finds herself fully in charge, belting out defiant post-breakup lyrics. Along with the similarly self-assured “Better” and “Fuck With Myself,” Altar is shaping up to be an exciting step forward for the talented young singer. Listen to a stream of “Gemini Feed” below.

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