Building on the bright summery tones of his last release, “Tropicana,” New Jersey’s Topaz Jones has another vibrant single on his hands in time for the year’s warmest months. Heavily inspired by funk, the Leven Kali and Jones-produced song wedges upbeat money-on-the-mind verses around an infectious hook that asks listeners: “Everybody want to have it all, but how you going to get it?”

Using the euphoric idea of winning the Powerball to his advantage, Jones delivers buoyant rhymes that explore the realities of living on either side of wealth. In his dreams he “stacks paper like [he’s] faxing it” but in reality he graduated and “all they gave [him] was a piece of paper, no good job, no goodbye, not even see you later.”

Building on the lottery theme, he’s also set up his own Powerball contest to give fans a chance to win a merchandise mystery box or free concert tickets. Click the image at the bottom of this post to enter!