Just yesterday, NAO shared yet another promising teaser of her debut album, For All We Know. Now the full thing is here, and it’s just as brilliant as we’d expect, capitalising on everything that makes her such an appealing artist. When we spoke with her this month, she called herself an album artist as opposed to a single artist, saying, “I’ve got a few things to say in a lot of different ways. An album is the way to explore that.”

Exploring a multitude of directions, NAO barely gives herself time to breathe on the album. Shuffling infectiously from one moment to the next, not a single second of sound is wasted. “I never started this journey thinking about an album, because there was nobody there to listen,” she told us earlier this month. “After two EPs, I felt like I’d worked out my sound and I wanted to sum it up in an album. I’m not J. Cole or Kendrick Lamar, but hopefully an album will bring more people to my music.”

Listen to NAO’s debut album, For All We Know, below via Spotify.