Lil Yachty was in San Francisco last weekend to perform at a free show, which was unfortunately shut down before he even hit the stage because there were too many fans and not enough security. While he was in the city, however, he did sit down for an interview with Shay Diddy at 106KMEL.

After talking about the shut down show and when he started rapping, Yachty gets into his upcoming plans. He recently announced The Boat Show Tour, which starts August 6, and he tells 106KMEL that his new mixtape Summer Songs 2 will be out soon—it’s dropping before he heads out on tour.

They then talk about Lil Yachty’s time in the studio with Kanye West, potentially working on West’s new album, and at the end, around ten minutes in to the video, Shay Diddy asks Yachty about a conversation he had with Rick Rubin.

“We talked about music, how it evolved, Frank Ocean,” Yachty says. Although he didn’t get to hear Ocean’s new album, Rubin told him that it’s “really good,” suggesting (we hope) that it’s finished. Finally, Yachty reveals that he’s heard that Ocean is a fan of his music—a collaboration between Lil Yachty and Frank Ocean would be perfectly 2016, and we hope it happens.

Watch the full interview above.