Desiigner just dropped the studio version of “Timmy Turner,” and people sure have strong feelings about the track, either loving it or hating it. In the court of public opinion, it’s still up in the air whether the track is a banger or a dud, but one thing we can nail down for certain is the identity of Timmy Turner: In a recent interview, Desiigner says that the titular character represents himself.

“Timmy Turner is me,” he said, “I was referring to myself, and I was saying I was wishing for a burner. And when I said ‘she fuckin’ for BET,’ I was referring to the girls that would do anything for the fame.”

He spoke more about the song, saying that it’s about two people whose behavior has them destined for Hell, or “the furnace.” Desiigner also praised the state of contemporary hip-hop, saying, “It’s great, there’s nothing but creativity flying through it. New sounds are coming, more artists are coming… every day, the generation is building.”

Watch Desiigner explain “Timmy Turner” below.

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