Clams Casino has been sharing a number of brilliant tracks from his forthcoming debut album, but his newest single might be his most haunting yet. Taking Clams’ production expertise in a remarkably different direction than that of everything else we’ve heard from 32 Levels so far, the Samuel T. Herring of Future Islands-featuring track possessing a tone that’s both dissonant and beautiful in its bleakness.

The Grant Singer-directed video for “Ghost in a Kiss” is equally as arresting, with Herring starring as a man haunted by a mysterious woman, implying a dark past. Grant Singer explained in a statement, that the video is “about memory.” With Herring’s gravely voice pairing with Clams’ spectral production wonderfully, it’s definitely one of the most experimental tracks to come from Clams so far, but it’s definitely an experiment that’s paid off.

Watch the video for the newly released track above, and look out for 32 Levels when it releases on July 15.