Image via Yung Lean

The fascinating life of Yung Lean continues to reveal itself through a series of new interviews. A week after telling stories of taking acid in Canada, the normally reserved Swedish rapper opened up about mental health, drug addiction, and family in an in-depth interview published with FADER today.

He revealed that addictions to lean, Xanax, cocaine, and marijuana brought him to a very dark place that involved carrying a knife around and writing a book about nightmares of people turning into rats. This led to him checking into a mental hospital and eventually returning to his parents’ home in Sweden.

While Yung Lean recovered and put the final touches on his latest album Warlord with producer Yung Gud, he decided to accept a job at a shampoo factory.

“We’d just stand there pressing buttons,” he says of his time working on the assembly line. “We’d put music in the speakers, dance around the factory. It was very nice. It’s like Lou Reed. After he did some tours, he went home and worked in his dad’s factory. You can’t always be on the top, you know?”

This humility falls in line with the relatively soft-spoken character we’ve come to expect from the 19-year-old rapper who told us in April, “I don’t wanna be a star.”

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