Image via Acclaim Mag / Adidas

Image via Acclaim Mag / Adidas

Last September, Sporting Life of Ratking announced that he would be releasing his first solo album titled 55 5’sJust a few months later, fellow Ratking member Wiki released his own solo debut, Lil MeWith two of the three group members releasing solo projects of their own, it seemed fair to assume that Hak’s turn was up next.

However, when several members of a group work on their own solo efforts, it can cause a sense of worry for fans that the group may ultimately break up. Fortunately, that isn’t the case for Ratking, but big changes are still being made.

While detailing his new album, June, in a recent interview with i-DHak revealed that he would be leaving Ratking to focus on a solo career. When asked why he was leaving, he avoided a direct answer. Instead replying with, “Too many cooks in the kitchen and too many men. I need balance.” Only to later clear things up a bit by saying “it didn’t feel right.”

Despite the announcement of Hak’s departure, Wiki and Sporting Life promise to keep Ratking alive as a duo moving forward.

Watch the video for Hak’s new single “Aura,” taken from his new album June, below.