Enigmatic L.A. trio BRÅVES’ “Lovely Bones” stood out from their second EP, the most energetic embodiment of their pristine, precise take on pop. Its artful new video reflects the group’s music: manicured, aesthetically pretty, and often unnerving.

Shot in St. Petersburg, Russia, director and group-member Johnny What enlisted twelve year old athletes in training for the pole dancing world championships to hypnotic, voyeuristic effect.

“The video is intended to shine a light on the viewers’ own mind,” he says of “Lovely Bones.” “Their personal projection, perception and preservation of the female image is at stake.”

Much like the BRÅVES’ music, the video for “Lovely Bones” lures with polish, belying a darkness and depth of spirit beneath deft technical execution. It embellishes a song already fraught with wispy, seductive energy.

“My hopes for this video are that it stretches the viewers comfort zone; in terms of age, social norms, athleticism/sport and beauty,” What told Huffington Post. “When we first discovered these girls and saw what they were doing, it certainly stretched us and gave us a level of discomfort. But then we questioned that discomfort and asked, ‘Why?’ That’s what we’re hoping everyone who sees this video gleans from it, ultimately a deeper sense of self, truth and open-mindedness.”

The band is selling the song via Bandcamp, with all proceeds going to Covenant House, an organization that battles child sex trafficking.