Kemba 40-Pour

The name Kemba might not be familiar to you, but the MC using it should be. The Bronx-born artist, who’s been putting work in since the release of his 2010 debut You’re Welcome, used to be known as YC the Cynic. He’s received props from some of your favorite websites and makers of taste as he’s grown, but earlier this year he decided to shed the YC name, christening himself as Kemba. Kemba is now working towards his Frank Drake-produced album Negus, and the latest track, “Already,” is a slow-and-low dart aimed at the competition.

Kemba describes “Already” as “the sugar in the medicine.” If you don’t pay attention to the lines, you’re taken to musical heaven with Drake’s funky, booming beat, but Kemba’s throwing shots at all unoriginal cats out there. It’s kind of crazy to be away from your craft and see no advancement going on; Kemba’s here to whip the game back into shape. Step up and lay the smack down over a hypnotic, ominous piano loop.

Negus drops on July 22nd. If you’re rocking with “Already,” be sure to peep the first single, “New Black Theory.”

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